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Every1Games Industry Ally Playtesting Program (IAPP) Spring 2016!

If you have a game in development book a playtest with Every1Games this Spring. Our playtesting method is designed to deliver clear results to you at an accessible event. We provide alternate feedback options to testers who are participants of Every1Games Neurodiverse Skills Development Programs.

Allies who’ve helped us pilot this program includes our friends at  SHGCinema Suite, Phantom Compass, MoKool Apps, Capredoni Empower Tablets and TesserActive.

As an industry ally you are joining a network of support helping autistic and neurodivergent youth develop the social, professional and technical skills required to succeed in life after high school while producing quality talent for the growing interactive digital media industry. Through collaborative programs like IAPP we aim to bring value to the video game industry and understand the hard work, the market consideration, the funding and the determination that goes into the development of your apps and games.

We do not have a statistic to illustrate the neurodiverse  map of the users you acquire, but we do know that 1 in 68 people are autistic and that there is no doubt that your users will appreciate the attention to detail and unique perspectives of our awesome testers.


Q: How much is a play test?

A: Free, kinda…

We ask that you help our participants learn about working in the video game industry by preparing a 10 minute presentation. Discuss your business model or work process, be genuine and authentic about ups and downs of working in games. As an industry ally we ask that you also share information about Every1Games in a permanent section on your website and in your community media. A PNG logo will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your participation.

Q: What is the expected event schedule?

A: Approximately 3 Hours of Awesome

10 Minute Studio Presentation (including set-up and questions): You will have access to an overhead screen connected to a computer with internet access. We encourage the use of videos, demo reels and other visual components. Introduce your company, your team and your project.

2 Hour Play Test: Participants will play and provide feedback. Players may take breaks as needed.

+ 50 Mins Feedback Session: An additional 50 Minute Feedback Session follows the playtest to record additional feedback after the playtest. During this time you may chat with participants about their experience noting feedback while some may request to provide video feedback away from the group. This also provides buffer time in case of unforeseen tech issues and other environmental challenges.

Q: How do we get our games to you?

A: Software Delivery will vary.

If you are testing a mobile product, please bring 2 – 4 devices with the game ready to load. Typically, PC or Mac games can be delivered via a zipped dropbox file shared to before the event.  This may vary and will depend on the computer lab policies outlined by the venue in which we are using for the event.

Q: Who creates the survey?

A: Your company is responsible for providing a survey of questions you wish to ask participants. We will work with you to re-word / re-iterate questions to ensure participants are understanding the questions and to help you meet your playtesting goals.

  • We recommend using a Google Form (Google Drive) to write the survey but will accept word documents and PDF documents.
  • A Google Form may be created by Every1Games with the questions submitted for access to digital copies or we will require access to the response spreadsheet to provide a report or results to you after the event.

Q: Who is responsible for recording the results?

A: Both of us!

During the event we encourage you to engage with participants, ask questions, record obeseravtions – take notes!

Every1Games participants will be asked to complete the survey as they play providing consistent feedback. Data from the populated Google form will be used to create a short report of results by Every1Games within 5 days of the event.

Participants have access to a camera and audio recording device to be able to provide additional verbal feedback when necessary. Our method is designed to optimize feedback but we do not analyze the results or guarantee the quality of the results.

The Every1Games staff will be assisting students to communicate their feedback and maintain a low-anxiety environment during the event. Audio and video records are the property of Every1Games and Every1Games expresses permission to the participating studio to use the records solely for the purpose of assessing feedback. Footage is not to be distributed, shared or reviewed by any third party unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in writing. Let us know if you’d like footage for other purposes.

Notes regarding event size: This event is designed to accommodate a small group of 5 – 20 participants ages 12 – 25. We cannot disclose participants diagnosis or challenges. We cannot guarantee the attendance of all participants.

Q: What is a low-anxiety environment?

A: All of Every1Games programs are designed to provide a low-anxiety environment. We invite you to chat with participants and be yourself! Get to know the people in the class.

Direct and relevant questions regarding the project and program are most welcome. This is a great experience to connect with future talented employees for your future projects.

To maintain a low-anxiety environment we ask that you be open and honest about your project and life experience in the videogame industry.

Participants will play at their own pace. Have patience and manners.

If you have any questions about the process or event please email Sarah Drew at

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