Neurodiverse Social, Technical and Professional Skills Development Programs

Every1Games aims to build a network of support helping autistic and neurodivergent youth develop the social, professional and technical skills required to succeed in life after high school while producing quality talent for the growing interactive digital media industry.We are well known for our capstone skills development programs offered each season. Every program integrates social, technical and professional learning opportunities and aim to maintain low-anxiety environments, for a comfortable and judgement free learning experience.

Create an account to sign up for the program that suits you. Email for assistance at anytime. Registering online saves you a spot in the program. You will not be charged online. A representative from Every1Games will contact you after you register. An invoice will be emailed to you only upon confirmation of enrollment.

Some programs might not be available in your region. If you’d like us to start a program closer to you, let us know! Your feedback means a lot to the team. If you have anything to tell us about your registration experience, please email Krystal Twiss at


Registration for Winter Program is now open!

Join us Saturdays from January 9 to February 27 from 10AM to 4PM. 



Creative Production is an introduction program. Work with facilitators to complete a design project that will give you a chance to practice using software that game design students use everyday. This can include Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5. Participants become familiar with the fundamental tools and practices to design and develop digital objects in 3D, virtual environments and videos.  This program is great for beginners and for people who want to practice using the software in a low-anxiety learning environment.

When you are ready, and if you are serious about exploring College or University digital media programs, you can apply to be a part of the SpecOPS program that enhances the teamwork and project complexity. (Ages 12 – 25)

 SpecOPS Video Game Development is an elite program using the most popular professional game design and development tools. Work independently and together to make a game  prototype using 2D/3D art tools, programming and sound engineering software depending on your personal interests. Explore the video game industry in a low-anxiety learning environment while creating portfolio pieces that can be used to apply to post-secondary programs or creative jobs. This program is for people interested in attending post-secondary school and is open to current college students interested in improving their skills. (Ages 16 – 30)

Keep Calm and Travel ON (Toronto) Logo

Keep Calm and Travel ON is a social program all about public transit. In Toronto, groups are split based on experience levels. This program combines classroom learning, using apps and resources for trip planning, experience riding the TTC buses, subway, streetcars and GO Transit. Develop strategies that work for you. Become comfortable using different methods of transportation to go to school, work or out with friends. (Ages 12- 30)

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Cosplay, Craft, Convention (3C) is a non-technical program. The 3C program is a place to craft costumes and accessories with Every1Games’s social facilitators Veronica Broskza and Krystal Twiss. These 2 talented crafters help participants learn the rules and policies of conventions while preparing costumes for a day of awesome geeking out at fan-based conventions like Anime North, ConBravo, and Comic Con.


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Game Design Niagara is a unique program that focuses on the fundamentals of game design, which will include how to invent rules for games, create documentation for planning and construct board-game prototypes for play-testing. Using Game Maker 8 and other resources, you can develop a 2D game while becoming familiar with the culture, tools and spaces of local post-secondary schools and businesses.

What else should I know about Every1Games Programs?

Program Discounts: Prices vary. Autism Ontario Members use Discount Code autismont for $100.00 discount before subsidy! Please see our Discounts and Subsidies page for more information on subsidies available after discount. If you are an organization helping autistic youth and would like to subsidize a client’s participation let us know.

Program Schedules: Schedules of specific activities will be uploaded and updated before program begins. We are also working on a number of field trips and guest visitors from the creative industries as we continue to develop a network of support to bring opportunities to autistic youth.

Program Guests: From time to time Every1Games has guests from the industry to talk about their authentic experiences making video games in Ontario studios! We also play test products as a way to foster low-anxiety networking. Being in public venues, in addition to having guests and working with many clients over 18, we cannot guarantee that everyone who works with us has a police background check.

Program Locations: Did you know that Ontario is home to over 100 game development studios? Every1Games programs are currently operating in Niagara and the GTA, two regions with a reputation for talented digital studios and schools that help deliver talent and help grow the creative industries.

In Toronto Every1Games programs are held at George Brown College School of Design. Every1Games works closely with the student group known as IGDA GBC (an amazing group of students that make up the academic chapter of the International Game Developers Association). Co-hosting social events on campus creates an inclusive non-ableist community of future game devs. George Brown College has been an integral partner supporting an autism friendly campus.

In St. Catharines Every1Games works with students and faculty at Brock University’s Centre for Digital Humanities.  Our home in Niagara is The Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub), a dynamic incubation space for Educational Technology (EdTech)companies innovate the modern education experience and foster local economic development and growth. Every1Games runs a free after school program where the students of the DSBN Academy receive credit participating in the extra curricular program.

Written instructions to register for programs: 

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